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Summer Sun, Sunscreen, and YOU

June is here and that means we’ve unofficially entered the start of Summer here in the South. The words "Summer" and "Sunscreen" definitely go hand in hand and should always be part of your wardrobe. After all, it IS something you wear, right? I can tell you that growing up in So. California, living here in Florida for 10 years, having a father who recently passed away due to complications from Stage IV Malignant Melanoma, AND having a husband who is now a 10+ year Stage III Malignant Melanoma survivor has given me a newfound appreciation for this wonderful invention! Obviously, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of wearing sunscreen.

Here's some helpful tips and info. on how you can go about selecting and applying the right sunscreen for you and your needs this season:

SPF, by the numbers: The number of your sunscreen (i.e. SPF 15, SPF 30, etc.) doesn’t mean that it’s stronger than another number, it just means that you can stay out in the sun a little longer without burning. As an example – an SPF 30 means that you will not burn as quickly as you would with an SPF 15. Don't forget to reapply frequently and according to the instructions listed on your product packaging!

Is it really waterproof? The short answer is, NO. Even when a product says that it’s "Waterproof", when you read closely on the package it still tells you to reapply after you get out of the water or after “x” amount of time… so again, follow the instructions and reapply!

Application Quick Tip: Start your sun day off by applying a sunscreen lotion (key word: lotion) and then carry a can of spray for touch ups. This way you can start with a good base of coverage and then spray as needed. If you’re like many people I know, you’re more likely to reapply with a spray because it’s so easy to use and doesn’t get your hands all gooey. Nothing feels worse than using sandy hands when trying to reapply sunscreen lotion and giving yourself an impromptu beach sand body scrub instead!

Sensitive Skin Quick Tip: If you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts on your face when using sunscreen, remember to take your face wash with you and halfway during the day completely cleanse your face and start fresh with your sun protection. This will help and prevent those pesky breakouts!

For Babies: Generally speaking, our wee ones should be 6 months or older before using any type of sunscreen. Be sure to check the packaging before applying and if you have questions, please consult your pediatrician.

Sunscreen for your Hair? There are new products (like hairspray!) on the market that have an SPF in them that are designed to help protect your scalp when you venture outside. If you're like me and have baby fine locks, this will save your head from being scorched. I can count on one hand the number of times my scalp has received so much sun that it hurt to touch or brush my hair, and has even peeled horribly. I've been waiting for this new technology for years, so the scientists behind these new products should be sainted, in my opinion. When in doubt, do as I do, and where a cute hat!

Lastly, remember that the sun (even though we love to be out in it) is one of THE MOST ageing elements for your skin! I know we all want that beautiful sun-kissed glow, but we have so many other ways to fake it now (lotion, spray tan, etc) that no longer involve exposing your skin to those harmful UV rays! Protect yourself at all costs so that you don’t become a statistic later on down the road.

Enjoy the outdoors and the lovely weather while we have it… did I hear someone say Beach Day?

Have Fun & Be Fabulous!

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