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Top 10 Tips for Changing Your Makeup & Skin Care for Fall

Fashions change with the seasons and so should your skin care and makeup needs. The seasons and the way we respond to them have an effect on our bodies and our skin, so you’ll want to start thinking now about YOUR skin and YOUR environment as we begin to enter fall. In the fall our natural environments are so full of color: warm browns, yellows, and reds. This season is also generally kind to our skin. We’ve all survived another year of sweltering summer days and the dry, cold days of winter have not yet arrived. Get excited, because THIS is the time of year when you have the greatest flexibility to choose products and colors to play and experiment with! When thinking about makeup, your goal in the fall should be to use warm colors to brighten your face, as well as accentuate and focus on one feature. This season, I’m ALL about the eyes! Fall Skin Care Tips: Just like in summer, using a moisturizer is NOT Optional. Moisturizer should always be your first step in preparing your skin. Without it, you will never get the flawless application that you want. Moisturizer is such a great product because it evens out the porosity of your skin so that everything that you apply adheres evenly and smoothly. Regardless of your skin type, (yes, even if it’s super oily!) you still need to start with moisturizer. Just remember, pick the correct type for your skin's needs. - Be sure to begin with a freshly washed face, then apply your moisturizer. It's best applied to a damp face because it goes on more evenly. - Warm a quarter-sized amount of moisturizer with your fingertips, then blend it over your entire face and neck (don't forget your neck!). - Moisturizer is most effective when you let it absorb for a few minutes before you apply your makeup. It MUST be completely dry before you apply anything else! If it isn't, any products applied afterward won't adhere evenly. - While you're waiting… apply your eye cream and lip balm so they have time to absorb before you apply anything over them. Fall Makeup Application Tips: - Use a light application of foundation (especially if you’ve been lazy this summer). - If you choose to focus on your eyes, skip blush and apply some bronzer to your cheeks and cheek bones to give the skin a little vibrancy. - SKIP sheens and light glosses you may have used for summer and go for a matte look for the skin and lips instead, which will help further highlight your eyes. - As fall advances into winter, pull back on the use of bronzer since it will give you an unnatural look (think Snookie, who’s just too tan all the time!). - DO be bold with your choices of eye color and have some fun by picking colors that match the season. TRY yellows, oranges, and reds, but if you find that a little too extreme TRY rusts, ochres, and siennas that more closely match your skin tone. - Define your lips, but select colors that more or less match your natural lip color. Use matte finishes and SKIP the gloss Have Fun & Be Fabulous!

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