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Sculpting Your Perfect Bold, Beautiful Brows [PART 1]

BOLD, full brows are totally on-trend AND are definitely the perfect way to frame the rest of your face. I'm sure that you've seen video tutorial after tutorial about how to make your brows look fantastic with makeup... but great brows don't just happen like that! Just like a house, you have to start with a foundation (in this case, your natural brows) and then go from there.

***Quick Disclaimer: I can’t recommend highly enough that you get your initial brow sculpting from a professional. Whether its a brow wax or a threading session, a professional should absolutely know what they’re doing and will make those beauties look spectacular for you! Then, you can follow the steps below to keep up with your brow maintenance.***

Here are some super easy steps to get you started:

Before you begin, remember to brush brows gently and tweeze along the natural brow lines. Remember to tweeze WITH your natural hair growth and NOT against it. (This can damage the hair follicle!) Next, use a pencil as your guide to create the flattering arches you desire. (See Photo)

1. Hold a brow pencil upright along the sides of the nose. Your brows should start there and should align with eachother. Tweeze any hairs outside of these lines (i.e. those pesky unibrow hairs that somehow keep coming back no matter what you do!)

2. Angle the brow pencil from the tip of your nose to the middle of the irises. This is where the highest point of your brows' arch should be.

3. Angle the brow pencil so that it touches the outer edge of your nose and intersects with the outer corner of the eyes. This is where your brows should end. Tweeze any hairs that extend past the tail end of the brows.

Remember to always tweeze from the bottom of your brow upwards and be sure to only tweeze one hair at a time. If not, tweezing clusters of hair can cause bald spots. Yikes! I personally like the “Back and Forth Alternating Method” to tweezing - Pluck a hair or two from one brow, then move to your other brow and do the same, then alternate back to the original brow, etc. Please keep in mind, your brows don't have to be "identical twins", but they definitely should look like they're "related" to each other!

Now, you may be in a similar situation of several ladies I know who have told me: “I’ve been trying to grow my brows back in to look fuller, but it seems that no matter what I do, they are not getting any thicker. What should I do?”

Well, let me ask you this: “Were your brows ever full and bushy to begin with, before you started plucking?” If not, I hate to break it to you, but if that’s the case those types of brows were not made to go on your face. Generally, we’re all born with brows (which may need sculpting) that are meant to frame our face perfectly. Our super fancy DNA does have an idea of what it’s doing in that department.

If you were born with bushy brows and you have over plucked, first thing’s first – Leave Them Alone!!! To help your brows grow back in, you must leave them untouched and tweeze nothing for at least a couple of months. Yes, I said MONTHS. By tweezing, you can tweeze out what you think is unnecessary hair, which, in reality, might be needed when your brows fill in. You must leave them alone completely, so they can fill in. Will this drive you crazy? Probably. Will it help you to finally fill in your brows? Definitely!

With the tweezing and arch creation complete, NOW the next step is to begin to further shape, define, and thicken! Come visit me again for my next post (Part 2), when I'll reveal some super great makeup tips for the ultimate in brow building!

Just remember: patience, practice, and go easy with those tweezers ladies! Because life is too short to be living with terrible brows...

Have Fun & Be Fabulous!

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