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henna brow tint

What is Henna?

Henna is a plant that grows in the tropical climates of Africa, northern Australia, and southern Asia. The use of Henna for body art has been used for many years. Ancient Egyptians and Indians are known for their use of this form of temporary tattoo. Henna Brow is the art of color, being able to create bespoke eyebrow treatments with tints that can look as inconspicuous or dramatic as desired. Transform your brow arches effortlessly from light and classic, to pretty and edgy with one incremental shift in tone.

Why consider Henna Tint for your Brows?

  • Great addition or alternative to Microblading, if you're not a good candidate to have

  •         that treatment done (example: on high blood pressure medicine, keloid scarring)

  • Effectively covers resistant gray by wrapping around the hair

  • Covers scars, bad micro-blading, tattoos

  • Reshapes your natural brows with a more defined arch

  • Skin staining is dependent on client's skin type and aftercare.

  • Staining results can last up to 2 weeks, whereas hair tint lasts 6-8 weeks depending

  •         on your hair growth / shedding cycle

  • Helps to grow out areas of sparse eyebrows

  • Get ready faster in the morning

  • How do I prepare for the service?
    Girl, wash your face! No, really... thoroughly clean your brows with a mild cleanser. Use an oil-free makeup remover to remove any makeup and clean your brows prior to the application. 

    What takes place during a Henna Brow Consultation & Patch Test?
    After completing your Consultation & Consent Form, I'll perform a Patch Test. A Patch Test of the Henna MUST be carried out 48 hours prior to the service. During the Patch Test, a small amount of henna will be applied to the client’s wrist (underneath a watch), inside the elbow or behind the ear. Henna is not recommended if any of the following sensitivities present themselves:

    - Application area feels itchy

    - Local swelling appears

    - Pinkness or redness of the skin appears


    After the Patch Test is carried out, we'll take time to discuss the brow "look" you desire. I'll suggest the design shape that works best for your face / eye shape. No two clients are the same, so I get to custom tailor something specifically for you, to achieve what you want based on your natural brows. Then we'll book your application appointment!

    What does the Application Process entail?

    Henna Brow Tint takes about 30 minutes, however I'm also happy to wax or tweeze any rouge hairs as well as trim down any overly long brow hairs to give you the best groomed look possible. I'll map your brows and we'll go over your desired look once more before I begin. You'll also get to lie down and relax on my memory foam-topped treatment bed... and what happens next is entirely up to you! You can either to take a "brow nap", meditate, chill out with the background music, or you can chat with me about anything you want. Many of my clients choose the former, and tell me that they think of our time together as their special "me" time in which they can relax and unwind. Please consider my studio a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

    Henna Brow Tint Aftercare:

    Essentially NO after care involved! What the what?!? Yes, you read that correctly!

  • Do NOT get brows wet for the first 24-48 hours. No swimming

  • Do not use harsh cleansing products on brows

  • Avoid steam and sweat for 24 hours. The steam can impact the effect of the treatment.

  • Do not wear any brow makeup for 24 hours

  • No other facial beauty treatments for 24 hours

  • TIPS to better maintain tint color:

  • Try to use oil-free products. Avoid oil based makeup remover which can cause irritation to the area as well as cause the Henna to fade quicker.

  • Avoid exposure to the sun/UV lights for long periods

  • Avoid products containing AHAs or retinol as this will cause irritation to the area and the Henna to fade quicker


    My customer service promise to you:

    Your face and natural brow health is my top priority. In my studio, you'll find: 

  • Absolutely NO double dipping! Disposable applicators and containers are used only once for each product used during services. This prevents any potential for person-to-person contamination.

  •  Pillow guards are placed on the pillow and are disposed of and changed between each client.

  • Hands are washed between each client application. Hand sanitizer is also used before touching implements or your face or brow.

  • I use a fresh scoop of henna with each client, ensuring maximum freshness / strength of the product, which creates better longevity of results.

  • Your satisfaction is my #1 goal. If you're not happy, then I'm definitely not happy! If you happen to experience any issues with your brows after an appointment, please reach out to me within 72 hours, so that I can work to resolve the problem.

    I am a licensed, insured, and certified trained henna brow technician. I use only professional-grade products. I choose to work in a safe environment, follow the highest standards in sanitation and hygiene guidelines, and truly care about your eye and natural eyebrow health. Let's work together to give you the brows of your dreams!​

    Download a copy of the Henna Brow Tint Liability Waiver & Consent Form HERE

    During and after henna brow service on brows
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