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Sculpting Your Perfect Bold, Beautiful Brows [PART 2]

Brow Shape Step-by-step

In my last blog article, we tweezed and shaped our brows and arches. This time you'll discover how to finish your shape, further define, and learn to properly thicken our brows... without them looking overdone!

Here are my Top 10 Tips to help you create your own killer brows:

1) First, when applying a brow color, your goal should be to mimic your natural brow color (or brow tint color). You want to apply the color in short, feathery, hair-like strokes to imitate natural brow hairs. This means NEVER in a straight, solid line. Yes, you know who you are…

2) To really help your brows stand out and to emphasize those amazing arches, apply a Highlighter, Highlighting Pen, or Concealer along the brow bones (above and below), making sure to blend with your fingertip or cream color / concealer brush.

3) If using a brow pencil, be sure to sharpen it each time you use it. The sharper the point, the better the application.

4) To start defining those brows, use a brow pencil, brow powder, or a matte eye color (key word: matte!) that matches or is slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow color.

5) Whatever product you decide to use, start by lightly (key word: lightly!) defining the lower edge of your brow. This will begin to give your brow the desired shape you want.

6) Whether using a brow pencil or an angled brush for brow powder, make short, light, feathery strokes along the brows. Here, you can also choose to create a rounded or sharp edge brow with your angled brush and powder. Brush brows with your brow spooley brush (clean, disposable mascara wands also work) to soften and blend the color.

7) Pencil or Powder? Pencils deliver a precise line, which is great for sparse brows. Brow powder delivers a subtle color, which is great for fuller brows. You can use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder separately… BUT why not get the best of both worlds and combine them? Layering both products gives you more complete coverage and helps the color last longer and look more natural. If you go this route, apply your pencil first, then apply your powder.

8) All finished? Well, almost. You can apply a brow gel to your completed masterpiece to lock in the color and hold those beautiful brows in place. Brow gels are usually clear (but some do come with color), they dry to a matte finish, add a fuller appearance, and keeps those newly groomed brows in place without flaking. Remember, less is more when using this product.

9) In a pinch? Lightly spray some hair spray on your brow spooley brush (or clean, disposable mascara wand) and gently brush into your brows for a similar finish. Again, remember that less is more.

10) Still having trouble creating that perfect look? You can also buy a brow stencil… yes, similar to what you would use during craft time! Let your stencil be your guide as you begin, allowing it to help you get a better idea for your brow shape. Then, simply follow the rest of the steps above to complete your brows!

That’s it! Now you have bold, beautiful brows that look and feel brow-tastic!

Have Fun & Be Fabulous!

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