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Ahhhh-choooo! Tips to Help You Survive Your Spring Allergies

Spring Allergy Season is here…

Raise your hand if, like me, Spring is that time of year for sneezing, runny noses, and itchy watery eyes. I actually suffer year round due to all those "delightful" items listed above. For me, it's ALL the grasses, ALL the pollen, and ALL the mold within a 100 mile radius of where we live here in NE Florida! *Gasp*

Having to deal with environmental allergies is not only annoying, but it also it takes a toll on our skin and makeup! How are we supposed to look fabulous all day with dark circles under our eyes, a red, dry nose from constantly blowing and dry, chapped lips from all of the allergy medicine meant to dry up those sinuses? And don’t even get me started on those pesky bug bites...

Luckily, there are a few tricks we can use to help keep us all looking at least mostly presentable to the world:

- Wash all of your bedding at least once a week! You'd be shocked to find what's on your pillowcase if you saw it under the microscope, especially this time of year! This should definitely help your poor body (especially your face!) find some much needed relief overnight.

- I love a good Soothing Eye Gel this time of year. You can keep it in the refrigerator so it's nice and cool when you go to use it. You can put it on at night and/or in the morning too. It really helps to calm and soothe the puffiness around and under the eyes.

- If you are one whose face gets really dry from having to take allergy medicine, be sure to use a light extra moisturizer in addition to one you are already using for added moisture during the day and add a more intense moisturizer to your regimen at night.

- An absolute MUST is a high quality Lip Balm. I don’t care who you are, you need this in your life! This helps keep your lips moisturized and feeling healthy… before they start looking like the Sahara desert! Nobody wants that.

- Be sure to clean your makeup brushes with a brush cleaner (ideally after each use), or at least make sure to do a good, deep clean on those brushes at least once a week. Don't have a brush cleaner? Pro tip: You can even use warm water with a gentle shampoo and conditioner (especially if you're using real hair brushes) to get those brushes clean... but you MUST lay them flat when allowing them to dry!

- Lastly, find a high quality (extra points for "triathlon tested") Waterproof Mascara you LOVE, because with all those itchy, watery eyes, you’re going to need it. This way, you can still wear mascara and those peepers can still look great... even if your eyes are watering like crazy.

Did I mention that this is the time of year that we get "snow" here in Florida? And when I say "snow", what I really mean is - "there's so much pollen in the air that it leaves a yellow coating of 'pollen snow' everywhere". Solidarity, friends. The struggle during Spring Allergy Season is real.

Have Fun & Be Fabulous!

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