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Why You Should Probably Check Those Ingredients

As women today we often may joke about how much we "suffer for beauty", but did you know that in the 16th century many women actually suffered from lead poisoning as a result of using a lead-based skin whitener? Back then pale skin was “totally chic” and women either didn't know or didn't care what the lead was doing to their bodies. Nowadays, because the FDA has such stringent regulations in place, ALL the ingredients found in a certain product are required to be listed... somewhere. Sometimes there's just not enough room to list them directly on a product box, but usually they can easily be found. On that note, if you know that you have an allergy to something (i.e. red dye) or a sensitivity to something (i.e. gluten, if you have Celiac Disease) be sure to do your research before buying that new, fancy product. When in doubt, please ask someone to assist you. It's always better to not purchase something knowing that it may bother you, than to buy something and have it do damage because you didn't take the time to investigate. Have Fun & Be Fabulous!

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